Yolanda, also known as "YBNatural" is a natural hair care brand influencer, mother, student, writer, artist, and creative.

Yolanda was inspired by the popular "natural hair Gods" on Youtube in 2010 which gave her the confidence to do her first big chop during her pregnancy. She later began to document her journey through mini-tutorials, photos, and writings. She combines her natural hair journey and her enthusiasm for writing to influence informative, meaningful dialogs with her audience.

"Media is such a valuable gift given to us and there is so much we can do with it. Like, raise awareness by exercising our voices through art and other forms of it. Using media to communicate with the natural hair community and others is rewarding for me. I am able to share parts of me with people whether it be a video on hair or testimony on life lessons. I have many ideas and my direction of things is always changing but my goal is to be able to help someone with anything that I create."

Yolanda has had the opportunity to work with several well-known natural hair brands and was featured on Ebony.com and Sophisticate's Black Hair magazine.