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Daresha petitt

Daresha Petitt is the voice behind the Golden Essential Blog. She is a college student who loves to share fashion, hair, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.



Hellen is an Animal Nutritionist (Msc.), Christian, and Blogger. She was born and raised in Tanzania, but she is now currently living in Norway. She worries about animal welfare during the day and on her extra time she writes and shares her experiences on her website.


Jasmine terry

Jasmine Terry is 24 years old and currently resides in Richmond, VA while completing her Master’s of Social Work with a clinical concentration in school social work. She created her website and brand, Soul & Substance, in 2017. The site is a collective of her lifestyle, where she shares transparent stories of navigating 20-something life, her favorite books and DIY home and beauty hacks, a travel diary, and so many other fun features.


Nyree Carell

Nyree Carell is an aspiring poet, and writer.  She enjoys films and learning about black and brown leaders and artists who have changed the perspective and drive of the world.  Currently, Carell is working on creating her own project centered in traveling and learning from indigenous cultures like the Caribbean, to study their traditional ways of life and healing, to share with her community. You can find her Instagram @nyreecarell_ or check out some more of her writing on

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Jordyn edwards

Jordyn Edwards is a student at the Illustrious Hampton University, studying Strategic Communications while being deeply motivated by her passion for writing and women empowerment. She holds her family, faith, friends, and stomach aching moments of laughter close to her heart. In the future, she hopes to be a Director of Communications and Digital Strategy while continually being able to give back to her community which is an important aspect of her life. In her free time, Jordyn enjoys writing for her blog "The Queen in Me", which is dedicated to helping young women discover and love who they are.


Kaila Kea

Kaila Kea is a freelance career coach and writer who specializes in creating content pertaining to career and self-development. In addition to writing for Why Be Natural, she has also created content for ZipRecruiter, Blavity, 21Ninety, and LinkedIn. Her work is both provocative and pleasing, often straddling the fine lines between career goals and natural hair care, personal finance, and goal-setting.

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Lauren holland

Lauren was born and raised in Dayton, OH. Lauren obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree from Ohio University, where she studied psychology. Lauren is currently developing her brand/business, where she will focus on promoting and providing emotional and mental health services for young Black women. Lauren began blogging her thoughts exercising full transparency about her life to help and inspire her readers. She hopes to utilize her other creative skills to help grow her brand. In the future, Lauren plans to earn a Masters of Art in Health and Wellness Coaching. Lauren is a blogger, naturalista, self-care advocate, dancer, poet and a dope ass Black women that want to inspire young Black girls everywhere.


natasha grant

Natasha Grant is a Wife, millennial Mom and lover of all things natural and healthy.

"My mission is to inspire other women to live healthy, natural, and minimal in their own true way. Becoming what we want starts with what we already have."

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