Speak Up: The Value of Your Voice in Customer Service

Today, in between my morning tea and the first email glance of the day, I spent a few minutes writing two different retailers about the quality of customer service I recently received. Now, you may be thinking that I came across a rude salesperson or a customer service associate without the slightest idea of what good customer service is, but…thankfully, that is not the case! When most people think about contacting a company about a recent store experience, they think about giving a negative review of the sub-par service they received. I can relate to that – I have had my share of poor customer service experiences and they did not go unreported. However, in both of my recent experiences, I was so pleased with the quality of customer service I received that I was determined to send a glowing review to the corporate office.

As a matter of fact, I make it a point to share positive feedback often. I like for people to know that I appreciate them and I like for their managers to know, too. In my opinion, we often get so caught up in firing back at the cashier with the nasty attitude that we forget to show appreciation for the associate who went the extra mile to help us find what we needed. So, in honor of my love for great customer service and all of the conscientious folks in the service industry, here are my top 4 reasons for sharing the value of your voice after a good customer service experience.

1. You Get to Show Gratitude.

When you send a note of appreciation for someone who has given you good customer service, you are showing gratitude, which is always a good thing! Whenever I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, bored, or overworked, I try to replace that feeling with gratitude for the many things in my life for which I am grateful. Before you know it, practicing gratitude becomes a way of life and your outlook on all things will become better and brighter. In addition, showing gratitude for someone else can make it easier for you to find things that you appreciate about yourself, which is an important part of everyone’s self-care journey.

2. Support Small Business!

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to share your customer service feedback solely with well-established companies. If you have had a good customer service experience with a freelancer, small business owner, or independent contractor, you can help their budding business blossom by sharing your feedback. Many people want to support small businesses but are concerned about the caliber of customer service they will receive from someone handling all aspects of the business themselves. Your glowing review can help drive more business to the small business owners & freelancers who deserve it most.

3. Spread the Love.

Oftentimes, spreading the love is just about giving credit where credit is due. Such is the case when giving a positive customer service review. Most people think that in order to spread the love, they have to donate large amounts of money or commit major acts of kindness. Realistically, spreading the love can start with letting a manager know just how pleasant one of their team members made your store visit. Perhaps your feedback can help the associate gain recognition for a job well done and you may even get to make their day. Remember, it is never too soon to start being kinder to one another.

 4. Create More of What You Want.

Recent protests of major retailers that have made one too many missteps in cultural competence (and common sense) have prompted people to think more about where they spend their money. As a firm believer of the power of consumerism, I know that many of the marginalized groups in this nation are also the most vital in keeping these big brands going. So, although we have a long way to go in fueling more diverse and culturally appropriate marketing initiatives, we can start by sharing positive reviews. By letting the “big bosses” know what you are happy with, you are also letting them know what you expect as a patron. Incentivize small and large companies to set the bar higher and demand the level of service you deserve as a paying customer.

All in all, customer service experiences can vary. While I do not report every single customer service experience that I have, I make it a point to report those that are delightfully dandy and glaringly ghastly. Whether it’s the major chain store sprawling several blocks or the boutique on the corner, I expect good customer service every time and want any establishment that I patronize to know that that matters to me. After all, my voice has value and yours does, too.

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