Career Couture: Advice from 4 Successful Careerists about Fashion Staples (at Work!)

When you look good, you feel good! In some cases, feeling confident in your work wardrobe takes time. Whether you are new to the workforce, returning, or simply figuring things out, it never hurts to get advice from women who own the office with their wardrobes and with their work ethics! For years, little more than a pristine business suit was considered acceptable work wear, particularly in corporate settings. However, the tide is continuously turning on clothing that is deemed acceptable at work.

Although some women still opt for the quintessential business suit, others are showing up to their 9-to-5, side hustle, or small business venture wearing styles that mix classic with trendy. Whether your work wardrobe needs a simple pick-me-up or a complete makeover, keep reading to hear from 4 inspiring women who use a simple, classy, and effective approach toward career and couture!




 Name | Charlie Wright
Occupation | Credentialing Associate
Style Philosophy | “I like stylish but comfortable wear.”
My Career Couture Must-Have | “My small black clutch – it holds everything I need!”
Career Couture Advice | “Keep it classy but comfortable.”



Name | Dr. Ava Oliver
My Occupation | Instructional Designer
My Style Philosophy | “Be classy.”
My Career Couture Must-Have | “Comfortable sling-back heels I can walk in all day long.”
Career Couture Advice | “Attention to detail can make a big difference to your overall style but nothing polishes your look quite as much as confidence can!”


createherstock-downtown-isha-gaines-2 (1).jpg

Name | Shelley D. Smith of Premier Rapport
Occupation | Owner, Business Consulting Firm
Style Philosophy | “I like stylish clothing that projects confidence and charisma."
My Career Couture Must-Have | “A large bag that’s spacious enough to keep me organized!”
Career Couture Advice | “Do what works for you while being mindful of the company’s culture.”



Name | Rosalyn
My Occupation | Assistant Director, Employer Relations
My Style Philosophy | “I love versatility when it comes to my style. Different colors, patterns, and textures can be incorporated into professional attire – making it both workplace appropriate and super cute!”
My Career Couture Must-Have | “Statement necklaces always add a little flair to my more basic outfits.”
Career Couture Advice | You can look good and professional on a budget! If you don’t make it a practice currently, try shopping clearance sections in stores of interest. Check out women’s consignment shops like Clothes Mentor, as well!”


With that being said, it is never too soon to start allowing your personality to shine through your work wardrobe. We spend more than half of each week at work and deserve to feel comfortable, stylish, and clothed in a way that empowers us to put our best foot forward! So, the next time you decide to shop for a new blouse, brooch, or comfy pair of sling-back heels, be sure to take the advice of Charlie, Ava, Shelley, and Rosalyn to find the newest addition to your career couture!

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