How Traveling to Another City Changes your Perspective

Traveling has always been one of my favorite past times, whether it be traveling across the country or simply going the next state over. Each opportunity that I have to travel leaves me with new experiences, new friends, and a greater appreciation for my own hometown. My most recent trip to New York City was beyond anything I have experienced in my quiet town. From unbothered strangers moving quickly to their destination, to car honks filling the city streets, feelings of excitement and wonder were bound to surface on this trip. Soaking up this experience in its entirety let me accept everything my trip had to offer and was beneficial to my growth. I appreciate being able to travel because it allows me to notice that everyone has a different way of living dependent on where they come from. In a world that longs for conformity, the smallest things such as new destinations will remind you of why embracing our unique backgrounds is apart of our personal journeys.

Despite my over the top enthusiasm that gives away me being a tourist, I never fail to observe the lifestyle that a city has accustomed. I’m familiar with quiet streets and driving to the nearest grocery store. However, in New York, things are pretty different. Taxis and Subways are the most common form of transportation, and if you are ever experiencing cravings, there will be a diner on the same block to satisfy your needs. Although my hometown is distant from New York City, I still appreciate everything my home has to offer and what makes it is so special to me.

Traveling somewhere for the first time has influenced my mindset about the different ways people live and how that is an extension of our uniqueness. We all have our favorite restaurants and shops where we could spend days at a time indulging in our guilty pleasures. Our diverse backgrounds may be different but we are all still on the same journey. By acknowledging those differences, you become more accepting of other people who are from far different places than you. I have a greater appreciation for people and their lives because it makes me realize that we are all on the same journey. Because of this, traveling to a new city allows me to feel more connected to those I am surrounded by in a place full of chaos. I realize that despite our locations, despite our upbringing, we are on the same journey and variation is furthermore a beautiful aspect of life.


Jordyn Edwards1 Comment