I Got A Little Taste of Humble Pie

The more involved I became with my writing, the more I expected support from people. I had this assumption that if we were friends or family the support would be automatic. Dumb logic right? I had to learn that at the end of the day, people generally do not give a fuck. We subconsciously (sometimes) get so caught up in our own lives that we do not realize how shitty we are being. I am probably guilty as well, but who knows. Having this expectation and soon having it shot down humbled the hell out of me. I am learning that when people do not care, you have to make them care; although I have yet to figure out exactly how to do this.  

A few months ago, I started a GoFundMe to help jump start my business. I made a corny video stating how I got started with writing and how I connected the dots to make it into a career. I even wrote why it was important to me and how the money would be utilized, but it was a flop. As weeks went by, I was nowhere near my goal and not many people even shared my message. It ate at me because I was so embarrassed. There were times I wanted to end the campaign and delete everything to reduce my embarrassment, but I decided not to. Although I never made my goal and I kept the campaign up, I took my dose of humble pie and learned my lesson.

When it comes to my brand or my writing, I no longer expect anything from people. Some may think this is a bad way of thinking and maybe they are right. However, I would rather expect nothing and do what I do best than expect too much from people and get nothing in return. I feel like I will be saving myself the disappointment and frustration by having this way of thinking. In my opinion, this does more good than harm because it does not stop me from producing my work, it only pushes me to go harder. So the next time you lack the support from those around do not allow it to stop you from what you are supposed to do. Use it as momentum to continue chugging along. Eat that piece of humble pie and keep it moving.