(habits, behavior, speech)... 

The fruitage of the spirit! (Galatians 5:22)
Be the best role model I can for them to follow, because they will always be looking. 
Teach them through love, discipline, and action
(speaks louder than words). 
Uplift my only daughter, encourage my middle child and first son and guide my youngest, son. 
As a mother, I will uplift, encourage and guide them all, 
but with their different age groups, 
and alignment in the family, 
I’ll try to cater to their needs as seems fit.


(take my time, plan more, self-care)... 

I know there will only be so much I can do
with an almost 8-year-old, preschooler
and infant whom I’ll be breastfeeding, 
so I will work at making the best use of my time. (Ephesians 5:16).
I’m already a planner and to-do lister, 
so I’ll continue to do that and more! I might as well
become an ambassador for Post-It’s.  
And of course, I have to make sure I take care of me: 
Spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. 
I can’t pour out from an empty vessel
and I talked about it in an old post how I already
teach my first two children the importance of them having time
to themselves and allowing Mommy to do the same. 
Maintaining my faith and spiritual well-being, eating healthy and resting, even when I want to go go go. 
Positive affirmations, and communicating my feelings and thoughts to my husband, children and others as well.


(let myself and the kids esp. make mistakes)...

 Give myself leeway for doing the best that I can, 
and allow the kids to grow into themselves as we transition and they figure out their new or heightened roles. 
I’ll have to keep in mind there will be more messes
and  repeated mistakes. 
I have to make the effort to continue to be reasonable and patient with my babies
and myself as well.
Be present, practical, and forgiving. 

I know I won't remember this all at once, 
but I know the best thing about journaling
or writing things down, is that I can always come back
to refer and reflect. 
I’ll keep trying and as long as my blood is in their veins, 
I will do my very best. 

-xo Natasha