I think now in this time and age most women are embracing the natural look and being who they are. I do get comments here and there from friends about it being so coarse but it’s all fun jokes, nothing serious and if so it never bothers me. At the end of the day, it’s all mine and I’m happy with it.

YBNatural: How long have you been natural?IMG_89781

Davina: I’ve been natural for about 4 years.

YBNatural: What made you decide to go natural?

Davina: For one I was tired of perming my hair. I always felt like perms just were uncomfortable with all of the chemicals, and then you have to wait to get it processed. My hair started to get extremely thin and weak and it got to the point where I said to my self, you know what, I’m just going to cut it off… start from scratch. For me it was at the beginning of trying something new/ the natural movement we have going on right now and I was comfortable with it, so that is what made me do it.

YBNatural: What was the time span of your natural hair journey?

Davina: 2010- Present

YBNatural: You told me you have worn a weave before, so how do you feel about wearing weaves now?

Davina: I personally do not mind a weave. I am all for protective hairstyles. I prefer something that I can easily get to my scalp but sometimes you get tired of the braids and the twist. Sometimes you want something different. I am all for the weaves, I just don’t get them very often and I don’t wear them for a long time.

YBNatural: What are some of the challenges you have with your hair as far as styling and products?

Davina: (laughs) I’ve been natural for a while and the struggle hasn’t ended. I’m still experimenting with products. My hair is super thick and coarse so I find that when it is longer is easier to maintain because I’m so lazy with my hair so I would just throw it up in a bun or a puff. But now that it is shorter it challenges me to do different things with it. In the past I didn’t experiment with it. I would usually wear braids, twist and sometimes even weave it. But now that I recently cut it, I have a chance to try and do different things with it. My hair is extremely dry which is an issue because I could leave the house with it looking really good and by 3o’clock it looks crazy (laughs). But it’s a process…

YBNatural: What are some of your favorite products?

Davina: Shea Moisture products work for me. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials on natural hair and I am considering making my own hair products. I want to start making products that work for my hair and test out and see what works.

YBNatural: What do your friends, family and colleges think of your natural look?

Davina: Everyone loves it! My friends, family, college’s… guys that I speak to, they absolutely love it. I think now in this time and age most women are embracing the natural look and being who they are. I do get comments here and there from friends about it being so coarse but it’s all fun jokes, nothing serious and if so it never bothers me. At the end of the day, it’s all mine and I’m happy with it.

YBNatural: Do you have close friends who have natural hair? Do you support each other during the journey?

Davina: I have one really good friend that is natural, I have a friend who is currently transitioning, and I have friends who only wear weaves. We do support each other and send each other pictures of hairstyles that we like but the thing about it is, we all have different hair types. It’s kind of hard to recommend products or hairstyles because our hair is different so we usually go thru that alone. Even though we are all natural, we have different types of hair so one product that works for my best friend, may not work for me. But in terms of just being natural, we definitely support each other but at times you do feel alone doing it.

YBNatural: How do you feel about perms being put in young girls hair?IMG_74311

Davina: I am completely against it. When and if I have a daughter, I am definitely going to keep her hair natural and then if she decides to perm her hair that is on her. I’m not going to say that I am against perming at all. But when your daughter is not given a choice to embrace her natural look and placed with this idea that you need to perm your hair it is unhealthy. I stopped perming my hair when was 18 and when I did perm it, it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world. It burns; it was just so uncomfortable for me. The perm it self. People are perming their children’s hair at such a young age, so perming a toddler’s hair is just ridiculous to me.

YBNatural: What is your favorite protective style that makes you feel fun and professional? I like these two braids you have in, I think it’s really cute.

Davina: I am very outgoing, and I like to do what I want to do with my hair. I recently asked my dad if my current pigtail braids were appropriate for work. My favorite protective style that I feel is appropriate for work is crotchet braids. I loooove Crotchet braids! It gives you that feeling of having a weave but you’re also having a protective style that give easy access to your scalp at the same time and it give you that natural look. So that is one of my favorite hairstyles. You can wear it in so many different ways.

YBNatural: As a black woman in today’s society, what are the advantages and disadvantages if there are any, with being natural?

Davina: Time has a lot to do with it. I feel like if I were doing it 5-10 years ago things would have been different and I would have gotten a different response. But ever since I’ve been wearing my hair natural I’ve have gotten great reviews from men, women, colleges at work. I have not really had any negative comments or feedback about my hair. No one has called me into the office for work telling me my hair was inappropriate. The advantages. This is you in your natural state. You can jump in a pool! You don’t have to worry about a weave and fixing you weave. It’s just about having your own and that is an advantage within itself. I’ve never had any disadvantages. When I did decide to go natural, I was with my high school sweetheart so that kind of made it easier because I wasn’t looking for that validation because I had someone who loved me for me. But even when I go out now I still get the same amount of attention as I did when I had a weave so I’ve never really had insecurities towards my natural hair.

YBNatural: Do you ever have those days where you may feel like you dislike your hair?

Davina: I do but its not because of anyone telling me that I’m not pretty enough or feeling lack of self praise. It is pretty much my frustration like damn why is my hair so thick, why can’t I have long curly fro. But as soon as I get it together I am fine.

IMG_78651YBNatural: Do you encourage other women to go natural?

Davina: I encourage everyone to go natural. I’m all for that natural state. Putting chemicals in your hair has a damaging effect on your hair for a while. Not only to your hair but also to your body from all of the chemicals. I know some people are not comfortable with it and that is ok but I think that natural is definitely the way to go.

YBNatural: Was there ever a point in your life where you said to yourself that you would never go natural before you went natural?

Davina: Absolutely, when I was younger but again, its different times… different ideas, different mindsets. There was a time when I wouldn’t even cut my hair. That was unheard of…like you do not cut your hair. I was definitely concerned about my hang time but now I rather have healthy hair than have long hair. It’s the best feeling in world and I would take healthy hair over long hair any day!

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