My followers inspired me to start up my YouTube and whatever they want, I will try to deliver...

Graduate student, Daye, shares her story as she transitioned into becoming natural as she works her way up into becoming a YouTube sensation and Instagram hair inspiration with her unique styling and hair tips. 

YBNatural: How long have you been natural?

Daye: I started transitioning in 2011.

YBNatural: What made you go natural/begin to transition?

Daye:  It was kind hard to handle my hair pre-transitioning days because I had unhealthy habits but I liked my hair at that time. Even looking back today, I like my hair during the period where I learned how to do it. But what made me start transitioning was a head injury I had. I was unknowingly "texlaxed," getting a relaxer twice a year, but putting that on open wounds was a no-go, so I started my journey.

YBNatural: While transitioning, what kind of feed back did you receive from your peers?

Daye: Initially, I was still heat damaging my hair, but once I have that up and started protective styling with crochet braids to transition the heat damage out. I received mainly positive responses. Most people know me as outspoken and a free spirit so they I didn't get a lot of negative feed back to my face. Just a lot of "what did you do to your hair?" And I still get that today actually. But as long as I like it, I couldn't care less, I truly think confidence makes or breaks a hairstyle.

YBNatural: I see that you enjoy trying different looks with your hair. What is your favorite style/protective style?

Daye: My favorite protective style would be crochet braids! There's the Marley hair, water wave hair, and the pre-twisted hair. I mean the possibilities are endless. My go-to is the Water Wave hair.

YBNatural: What are some of the challenges you experience with your natural hair?

Daye: The challenge I'm still experiencing today are twist outs! I really don't know what the issue is there! But I'll keep at it until I figure it out. I've definitely come a long way. Also me and my stylist are still working on determining the limpness in one section of my hair.

YBNatural: How do you feel about perms/relaxers now that you are natural?

Daye: I don't feel any way about them. To each his/her own and what someone else does to their hair doesn't not grow mine. Having natural hair doesn't automatically make a person enlightened or conscious, nor does being relaxed make you insecure or unaware. Just do what you want.

YBNatural: What inspired you to do YouTube tutorials on styling and what are some of the things that fellow naturals can expect from you on your channel?

Daye: My followers inspired me to start up my YouTube and whatever they want, I will try to deliver. I had no intentions of natural hair blogging, I was just sucked into it by the positive feed back, which turned into people seeking advice from me. From there it went from picture requests, to videos, then full out demonstrations. It's a rewarding hobby, to be able to help people conquer their crowns and promote confidence boosts.

YBNatural: What are your favorite products to use?

Daye: My staple line is As I Am! I love their entire line. I have almost everything. I credit them for assisting me out of heat damage and still aiding me present day with getting healthier hair.

YBNatural: If there was one word of advice you would have for someone who is considering transitioning, what would it be?IMG_6164

Daye: Research! The great thing about today's natural hair journey is that some has already been there done that and blogged about it! Any thing you're struggling with, there's a detailed reason and solution out there. Another bit of advice that even I have to remind myself of is to drop the expectation of having hair like your favorite blogger or that girl in the tutorial you're watching. Her hair went through a unique journey and so has yours. You wont have the same length, damage, moisturized levels, nor porosity, therefor your hair will require its own adjustments, embrace it and learn.

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