I've never loved my hair or felt as beautiful as much as I do since going natural.

How long have you been natural?IMG_1345

I decided to go natural in April of 2014 and was supposed to transition for two years but got impatient and big chopped in May 2015 lol.

What inspired you to go natural?

Seeing my Mom go natural and viewing how carefree and beautiful so many women looked while being natural inspired me to take the plunge. I was tired of always running from the rain and humidity, and tired of my nice twist outs growing limp as the week progressed, so it was time for a change.

What was your transition experience like?

Transitioning was honestly fun for me. I'm glad I got to experience the different stages of growth without big chopping too early, which really wasn't for me. First I bought some curly human hair clip-in extensions and braided them to match the braid outs of my hair and give me some length. Then when my hair started to grow about a bit too much I turned to putting in dread extensions and box braids which gave me a well needed break from my two textures. I would also incorporate doing buns and ponytails with my extensions in which also helped to blend the textures and smooth down my new growth. Then after 13 months I got the random desire to big chop so once school ended for the year I went ahead and chopped off all of my relaxed hair. Since going natural the only protective style I have done has been box braids. I do plan on putting in some Ghana braids and some Havana twists to give my hair a break.


What is a “no, no” for your hair?

Some things I absolutely can't do with my hair is put it in one pineapple at night. First my hair is too short and it is also too thick, and doing one puff makes my curls push against each other and flatten out. So I have learned to put my hair in 4 ponytails in a diamond shape starting with my bangs in one ponytail at the front. I also can't detangle my or style my hair without sectioning it, again in 4 sections. Lastly, I can not refresh my curls with just water, oil, or a conditioner. I have to use a combination of water and a thicker product, such as a pinch of gel if I want to get rid of any frizz.

What are some of your favorite products to use?IMG_1041

I am definitely a Shea Moisture girl, and I swear by the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel. I have really a thick density of hair so creamy and thick products work best to keep the moisture in my hair and help the style last. I also deep condition once a week, which has made my hair much stronger.

How does your hair fit into your personal style?

I love to wear my hair wild, free, and I barely ever put it up, and to stretch my washdays I often pick out my hair and rock the big fro. I've never loved my hair or felt as beautiful as much as I do since going natural. I love the versatility because I have many different styles but love to keep it chic. With being a busy student into fashion I love how my hair fits any outfit or occasion and has become a part of me.