Back in 2005 and 2006 when I decided that I wanted to go natural, there wasn't an abundance of blogs and there was no such things as vlogs at that time.  There were a few underground places that discussed and shared pictures of natural hair such as Fotki and the website Nappturality that I became apart of.  I was very thankful to the women who shared their journeys with me because if it wasn't for their generosity, I would have never figured out how to take care of my hair on my own.  It was also a place of refuge.  There weren't any other representations of natural hair in my part of town.  But whenever I logged onto my computer, it was a different story.    So I was inspired to start sharing my own hair journey because I wanted to help others the same way that the other natural hair ladies helped me.

The most beautiful part of being natural is that I am wearing my hair in the way that it was intended to be.  I am not fighting against my hair trying to get it to do something that it doesn't want to do.  I love that our hair is unique and no two heads of natural hair are the same.
My two favorite hairstyles are twists and twist outs.  I wear twists about 95% percent of the time and occasionally I wear my hair in twist outs.


My favorite natural hair products are curl activator gels for moisture, such as Worlds of Curl Curl Activator Gel, and I also love pomades such as Oyin Handmade's Burnt Sugar Pomade or Hairveda's Almond Glaze.

hair day after wedding

If someone is struggling to embrace their hair in its natural state, I would tell them to examine WHY you feel the way you do.  One thing you will never hear me say is that our hair as black people is "just hair," because it is not.  We have been taught and led to believe for generations that our hair in its unadulterated state is unacceptable, unkempt, unprofessional, and ugly.  For some people, overcoming this way of thinking is not going to come overnight.  One of the things that I did to learn to accept my own hair was to stop wearing hair that belonged to other people.  I cut off wearing weaves and braid extensions cold turkey.  I stopped hiding behind fake hair and forced myself to wear my own hair.  I joined hair forums and looked at natural hair pictures for inspiration. I recommend anyone who is struggling to accept their hair to do the same.  Follow vlogs and blogs and just force yourself to embrace your hair.  Stop hiding behind weaves if you are and rock your natural hair proud!