The Stylish Rebel


I’m sooooooo happy that more women are going natural. It’s beautiful, we’re beautiful, and we should celebrate what God gave us!

Make-up artist from New York to LA, The Stylish Rebels, shares her journey to accepting her natural hair and what she does to have fun with it!

YBNatural:  What made you decide to go natural and how long have you been natural?

The Stylish Rebel: I've been natural since 2008. It was right before I decided to go to cosmetology school, and I wanted a new look. Plus my hair was in horrible condition from relaxers I'd received in the past, so I was like ok time to do this. So I chopped it all off. Lolimage1 (1) YBNatural: When did you realize the beauty of your own natural hair?

The Stylish Rebel: This is such a great question, because I feel like all "naturalistas" struggle with this at first. It took me a while to get used to, but I think once my hair grew an inch or so, and I was able to style it differently, I was like ok, so my hair is pretty damn cool. Haha YBNatural: What are some of the disadvantages you've faced or continue to face during your journey? How did/do you overcome it?

The Stylish Rebel: I think the only disadvantage I faced was trying to find the right products that worked with my hair type. So I try a lot of different things every couple months or so, just to make sure I'm using the right stuff. YBNatural: You seem like you like to have a lot of fun with your hair, what are some of your favorite styles and protective styles to do?

The Stylish Rebel: omg do I?! Haha I love my hair. It's a part of who I am (sorry India Arie lol). I feel like I don't do a whole lot when it comes to styling. I'm either a wash and go, or its in box braids. I usually keep my hair braided in the colder months because it's on the dry side and it's easier for me to keep it moisturized. YBNatural:  A lot of naturals are afraid to try color on their hair. As someone who likes to experiment with color what tips or advice would you give to someone who is considering coloring their natural hair?

The Stylish Rebel: oh man.  I don't understand why naturalistas are afraid of color. This is probably something I love doing most to my hair. I advise you ladies not to play with color! If you're not sure about something-GO TO A PROFESSIONAL! Lol not your cousin's sister's momma that might know what she's doing. Lol and DONT USE DRUGSTORE COLOR. It is horrible. Again. Horrible. Lol. If you feel like you want to experiment, go to Sally's and get better stuff. YBNatural:  What are your favorite products to use?

The Stylish Rebel:hmm I like to use the least chemicals as possible on my hair. I make my own masks out of avocados, mayo, eggs, and honey. And I put coconut oil (the stuff you cook with, not the cheap petroleum based crap lol) in my hair daily. I only shampoo maybe once every two weeks or so, but i wet it with water every day. And as far as styling products go, I don't really use them to be honest. Coconut oil does everything I need lol.Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.15.15 AM YBNatural:  As a makeup artist, do you find yourself pressed for time when you need to care for your hair? How often do you give your hair a treatment or just tend to your hair?

The Stylish Rebel: haha I'm pressed for time just being a human! Lol but no, I try not to let my profession, or anything else for the matter, get in the way of my hair Care. Especially cause my hair is a part of my look. I can't be bald trying to do anyone's make up. I feel like my hair is a part of the "whole package", ya know? I usually do my treatments once a week. When my hair is fresh out of braids, I might do them twice a week, just for a little added strength. YBNatural: How do you feel about natural hair today? Is it "just hair" to you, or does it symbolize something special or strong to you?

The Stylish Rebel: I'm sooooooo happy that more women are going natural. It's beautiful, we're beautiful, and we should celebrate what God gave us! I know some women are gonna hate me for saying this but whatever, I'm gonna say it anyway: no matter how much you press and relax that hair, it will never match that Brazilian wave! And why would you want it to?! Hair is not just hair-it's who we are (again, sorry India girl! I love you haha). I feel like wearing weaves and all that other stuff just gives society the power to say that our natural hair isn't ok. Like we can't have great careers because of our hair texture. Or because some man is never gonna love us because we don't have long curly hair. No! That's not how we should think! And once we realize that, and embrace it, things will get be so different.