Natural Hair Is Beyond JUST Hair!


I love natural hair and everything about it. I could talk about it for hours. Returning natural made me realize so much about not only myself but also how society views natural hair. My natural hair journey helped me love myself more, especially when I had shorter hair. My face was front and center, and I was no longer able to hide behind long hair. My facial features enhanced by one simple change. Now, I am not saying that I thought I was ugly, but I will admit that from time to time, I did not feel the prettiest. I had to adjust and it took some time to grasp, but I am getting the hang of things. I started to get more attention once I learned what I was doing (for the most part). People thought my hair was so perfect, and I had to remind them that my hair is not perfect. In fact, it is beyond perfect. Yet, the imperfections make my natural hair oh so beautiful. Unfortunately, I learned that some people thought otherwise. From the corporate world to individuals in the Black community, I could not fathom why people felt intimidated by something so amazing. The negative thoughts began to get to me. I would second-guess how I would wear my hair in interviews. I wondered if men would talk to me when my hair was out, I hit another roadblock in my journey. People would think these issues are small, but it is more than just hair. Black men typically do not accept women who are natural due to how society has constructed what beauty represents. As a culture, we have been brainwashed to believe our natural hair is ugly and to feel beautiful, we must put chemicals in our hair to make it straight.

Job opportunities pass us by because we decided to wear a twist-out to an interview versus the classic bun. This was something I always had in the back of my head. I had to reevaluate my situation and come to terms with the ignorance in my community. If a black man does not want to be with me because he thinks my hair is too nappy or too short then he clearly is not the man for me. If a job wants me to conform to something or someone I am not then it is not the job for me. I want more black men to embrace natural hair because natural hair is a part of the Black culture not just for women. I want a job that accepts my natural hair no matter what style I decide because 9/10 I am not rocking a bun, (nothing against buns, I just struggle lol). I want people to scratch the ideal beauty standard that we have to have relaxed hair or think natural hair is so ugly because when I look into the mirror I see beauty in every kink and curl I have.

Transitioning may not be easy, but I promise it is worth the struggle. Returning natural is beyond just hair it is a new journey of connecting with your culture, self-love, and acceptance. Try not to feed into the natural hair stigmas society has put on us. Rather your edges lie down or curl up; know that your natural hair is beautiful and you look amazing rocking it!