Should I Big Chop!?


SHOULD YOU DO IT?My answer is YES! lol, that is IF you are willing to maintain it. Having natural hair may not be the best experience for you if you do not keep up with, however it is definitely worth trying. I say this because from young we have been getting relaxers in our mothers kitchen to taking ourselves to the salon to get our roots touched up. So, I get it, the transition can be hard, but if you are serious about making the change, I say do as much research as you can and just go for it!

GO TO A PROFESSIONAL IF UNSURE However ladies, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT go cutting away in your bathroom thinking that you know what you are doing in the result of having a hot mess on your head. If you are unsure about cutting your own hair, please don't do it! I urge you!! lol, put those scissors down and contact someone who can do it for you that has experience. This is your first big chop experience and you don't want it to be a disaster. I think that the best way for someone to big chop their own hair or someone else's hair is when it is wet. This way you can tell the difference between your natural curls and the relaxed hair. Going to a professional will help your big chop look nice and neat, and give it some shape. And most importantly, go to someone you trust.

PATIENCE It will take you some time to get used to your natural hair, after all, have you really gotten to know it? Probably not. So give yourself patience. Try different products and see what works best for you. YouTube is extremely helpful but do keep in mind ladies, one product that works for me may not work for you. Also, it's helpful to find someone you connect with as far as your hair goes. When you see someone who is giving tips on hair and has hair that is similar to yours, there is nothing wrong with taking tips, but remember, your only hair goals should be the progress of YOUR HAIR. Find the beauty in YOUR HAIR and fall in love with it. After all, its yours and it's beautiful!

PROTECTIVE STLYING Don't be afraid to use protective styles when you feel you just need a break or because of the weather (the cold weather tends to dry it out more). Just be sure to continue to take care of your hair while its underneath your protective style (if it's braids or a weave). It is very important. Your hair still needs you to take care of it so don't neglect it!

EMBRACE IT! And another thing, if you are natural, I want to see you wear your hair more often. Lol. There is nothing wrong with protective styles but remember what I said about getting to know and love your hair... well this is your chance, and you wont be able to do that if you always have braids or a weave in. You must do what you feel is comfortable for you but don't be afraid to get comfortable WITH you. I'd love to see your big chop photos and hear your stories! Good luck!