Get What You Give: How to Support Others While Fueling Your Own Dreams


As a Career Consultant, I hear about people’s hopes and dreams all the time. I want to start my own business. I want a new job. I want to start a YouTube channel. I want to own a natural haircare line.

Great! I love hearing about people’s dreams and ambitions. But, when I ask how many ventures they have supported, I get crickets.

In a world where we think, talk, post, re-post, tweet, and write about our own goings-on, it is no surprise to me that many people are focused on their own endeavors. However, it is imperative to give the same support that you seek. As you get your clothing line/beauty brand/YouTube channel/music career off the ground, certainly you will want other people to support you. Supporters who buy into the good or service you provide are a central part of a successful venture.

So…how do you become a support system for others while fueling your own dreams?

  1. Identify Key Players.

Who do you want to support and why? Perhaps the key players you identify have a business that fills an important need or a mission that is similar to your own. Whatever the case, identifying key players will help you to become familiar with small businesses that you can help to elevate. You also empower your own goals by learning about what this business offers and how people can benefit from knowing about it.

  1. Reach Out.

The idea of reaching out to a business owner that you do not know and may not get a response from can be intimidating. But, a key part of offering your support to fellow dreamers is understanding that it may not be well-received – that does not make your effort any less valuable.

If you do reach out and get a response, ask the business owner about their product, service, or mission. Where can others learn more about the business? Learning more about other people’s ventures can help you to become a resource for others and identify potential partners for future endeavors.

  1. Support!

Now that you’ve reached out to key players, it is time to stay true to your word by providing support! Every business owner wants to make a sale – after all, the hallmark of a successful business is having offerings that paying customers to want to buy. However, if you do not want to make a purchase, you can share the business owner’s information on social media or give a glowing review on the business website. Supporting the ventures of your peers does not mean that you have to do whatever is asked of you if it makes you uncomfortable, puts you in harm’s way or does not align with your personal values or business goals. Supporting other businesses can be a fun and fruitful way of breathing life back into your own goals while helping to advance someone else’s dreams.

You often get out of life what you invest in it; the same is true when it comes to business. As you support others, you will find people who support you along the way. You will become skilled in identifying areas of improvement for your own business and useful ways to act on them. If you approach it with the right mindset, you may even become a part of a growing group of talented entrepreneurs who are bound for success. Be the support system for someone else that you seek for yourself, put in the work to make your own venture an undeniable success, and put your best foot forward while helping others to do the same

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