Pros and Cons on sharing your goals


Setting goals, and actually working towards them, can be an exciting journey. When you've thought about them, wrote them down, and finally decided in your mind that you want to accomplish it, you feel good about it.  It's like being in the process of writing a new chapter in your life's book and when reached it can be like getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. Creating goals often times leads to sharing them. With our friends, family, co-workers, pretty much anyone who is in our lives in some way. This can be a good thing. A little insight doesn't hurt, but getting the wrong reaction can make you rethink your entire plan. I spoke about this in my post Taking a leap of faith, making new life decisions and overcoming NaysayersPeople's opinions on your decision making can have you all over the place. I have some pros and cons about sharing your goals.


Sharing with people can make you feel better about it.


Being motivated makes you feel you like can take on anything which is why we seek it by sharing our goals. Sometimes you have to pick and choose who you share your goals with because not everyone will get it. I have a few things that I want to do with my artwork that may be misunderstood or seem out the box to someone who doesn't have an interest in art, but someone who does would love the idea because that is their thing. It would be a little hard to feel motivated by someone who doesn't know much about your goal, so be sure to choose wisely.


Like motivation, sharing your goals that are relatable to someone else's lifestyle OR if they too have set goals, is a great way to connect with someone. It's good to share with like-minded people and it builds a positive team. Sharing your goals leaves the receiver, including yourself, open to ideas. It may be a different set of goals, but the concept is the same.


Ok, so this is one of the reasons why I love sharing my goals. It gets you pumped up to want to accomplish your goals even more. As you are sharing your goals, you are constantly revising it and enhancing it. As you are sharing with more than one person, the story is never the same, so the time between sharing with one person today and another person tomorrow, you may have intensified it with better ideas, better strategies, and you feel better about it.


There are reasons why you should keep some things to yourself.

We've Heard This Story Before

If you are the type of person who shares goals but never accomplishes them, you may want to stop sharing. First, think about what you are trying to do because it seems as though you get so very excited about a goal without thinking it through and once you share it, you never accomplish it. So now, moving forward, you're not going to get the feedback that you want from your family, friends, etc. because everyone has heard this story before and for sure they will know how it ends.

Pleasing Others

When you share your goals, people, whether they are happy for you or not, will look forward to seeing the result. The people that are happy for you want to see you reach your goals, and the people who are not happy for you do not want to see you reach your goals but either way, they would have been to update on it in order to know your progress. So now that that is in your head, you are rushing to complete your goal because of the questions you might receive from it in the long run. Hey, I have set so many fitness goals that have never been met, but I never shared them because I know for certain that it is one of the biggest challenges for me but just because it is a big challenge that you have struggled with throughout your life doesn't mean that you can't accomplish it or reset it.

Their Ideas Are Not Yours

You ever share an idea with someone, like a goal and instead of embracing your happiness in this exciting moment of sharing they kinda shit on your parade by saying something about it that makes you kinda think twice?  This goes back to being selective about who you share with. Some people are not going to get it and some people really do not know you enough to have an opinion, but they do anyway, right? Be ready for the positive feedback as well as the negative and be able to take it and move on without getting upset or trying to downplay your initial set goals.

Not Happy

Some people just won't be happy for you. It is different than it not being their ideas because that is natural. We are all human. If you come to me about going to space for 6 months, I may not be the right person to come to but, I will be happy for you. Notice the difference between people not getting it and people just not being happy for you. That means they don't want to see you accomplish anything. Avoid those people, at all cost.