Latest Life Lesson from Instagram On Being Grateful


Praying and being grateful ought to always go together but how often do we practice that? Life lesson from one of the most grateful mother. We come across life lessons in so many ways, it can be through our own life experiences, learning from people who are close to us and sometimes it can be from people we have not met or do not in person and occurs a lot now with every information in our fingertips. This post originated from these series of questions: do you pray? How often? What happens when you do not receive answers to your prayers, do you stop praying or be thankful?

A prayer can be few words such as thank you and I think Mahatma Gandhi described a prayer in the best way possible.

¨Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is a daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.¨

Ayden Brown passed away (may his soul rest in peace). I did not know Ayden before 4th of November the day he died and I got to hear about him after reading a conversation in one of my Whatsapp’s group then I followed more about him through his mother's page on Instagram (lele_licari). And if you have no idea of who I am referring to well this is him in few sentences. Ayden was born in August 2014 and he died in November 2017 after he lost his fight against cancer, lele_licari shared her son’s progress throughout the journey. For Ayden to be that little and fight cancer at the same time for sure there is a lesson to be learned.

If you followed Ayden progress I am sure his death must have touched you. For me, I was more inspired by how strong his mother is. She has been sharing a lot of posts when her son was still fighting and you can see how much faith she had in God's miracle in saving her son. And I remember thinking how devastated she must be because of her son’s death but she proved me wrong. I do mean she was sad NO because she was but later she posted another video talking about how Ayden eyes will be donated to two more little boys and in a way how other mother’s prayers were answered, in her own words she said:

¨I hope whoever those mums are they know their prayers were answered and because of little Ayden's then God does work¨

That sentence spoke to me in volumes and it reminded me to have little more faith when I pray because although not all the time my prayers will be answered in a way that I want what I should know for sure is that someone's prayer is definitely answered at this very moment. So whatever the situation, no matter how unsolved I think it is I should find comfort in the fact that God hears our prayers.

Until next time, with love!



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