What being a Black Woman Has Taught Me


When you’re a child, it seems that the most important things you will ever have to know will be taught to you in school. Looking back, I find it very amusing that I would think such a thing. After 19 years, I have learned that the most important lessons of life are not the ones you learn in a school system; they are the ones you experience for yourself in the “real world.” I have learned different life lessons from trusting the wrong people to managing my time wisely. However, above all, the most rewarding and beautiful lessons I have learned come from being a black woman; which has taught me things about myself and other women around me. The first lesson I have learned (and will continue to learn) from being a black woman is that I am powerful. My words are powerful, my existence is powerful, and by embracing who I am, I allow other women to feel powerful. When I gracefully walk into a room full of strangers, instead of feeling out of place and uncomfortable, I simply find my power within. This power allows me to feel confident, it reassures me that the other black women who have come before me have paved the way. This power allows me to speak my truth and manifest the woman who I have grown to become.

The second lesson I have learned from being a black woman is that I am beautiful. With ease, my brown skin reaches every part of my body and the way it glows when it catches the sun is quite breathtaking. My colored lips curl into a smile and almost simultaneously my brown eyes light up, filled with stars and galaxies. Natural curls effortlessly fall from my crown and is an eye catcher for many. My nature is golden, captivating even, and my inner beauty flows from within to enhance me with strength and passions.

I am groundbreaking, I can break history, achieve most certainly anything I have my mind set on, and that is the ultimate lesson I have learned from being a black woman. Black women who have come before me changed the course of history by rising up and challenging themselves to make a difference despite opposition. They have paved the way for future generations to exhibit black excellence around the world. I will break any mold society expects me to conform to by continually advancing my knowledge.

I am proud to be a black woman and by recognizing my power, beauty, and strength, I will continue to learn about who I am. I encourage other women of color to look within themselves and appreciate their own lessons. It is our responsibility to uplift one another and prevail in the name of our ancestors who have opened doors for us.